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January 4, 2014

New Features in Selenium IDE (2.5.0)

January 04, 2014 3
I Just noticed on 2nd Jan that a new version of selenium is released. I Just had a glance at release notes there are 3 enhancements and few fixes to existing issues.

But today when I open selenium IDE I saw the enhancements..they are really useful...

Below is Release Notes for 2.5.0

I would like to talk about a new Enhancement:

1. Select an element for a command by clicking on the element in the browser window

This is a new feature added to selenium IDE.

They added new Button Select in the Target field.

How it works:

Select a row in selenium IDE test case Pane
Click on select and move your cursor to the element which you want to locate.

In below example i would like to find locator for "Search Selenium:"

It will automatically identify the xpath or CSS or any other appropriate way to find locator...

Try this feature this is really awesome feature from Selenium.

2. Start playing a test suite from any test case (Using right click menu)

If you already have a test suite in place (Ex: A test suite with  5 test cases) and you want to run from 2nd test case.  The newly added feature supports those kind of requirement.

Just you need to right click on the specific test case in test suite and select Paly Test suite from here. Execution of Test Suite starts from that particular test case.

See below screenshot for more details

3. Add a new test case using a keyboard shortcut (ctrl-N or cmd+N) 

From selenium IDE you can a new test case by using keyboard shrotcut CTRL+N..It will automatically add new test case in selenium IDE.

Hope all these feature are very helpful for selenium IDE users...


January 1, 2014

Get row count based on row text

January 01, 2014 2
Get row count based on row text
Below post explains how to get the count of the row.

Generally we will have scenarios like get a particular text from the table, but in this example i am trying to get the number of the row based on the row text.

In this example a table contains number of rows and each row represents a company name. If we have row number we can get the company name easily...the below scenarios is different  ..based on the company name it will find out the number of the row.