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July 17, 2014

GEB -- Introduction

July 17, 2014 2
GEB -- Introduction
These days I am working on a new autoamtion tool called GEB( GEB  is browser autoamtion tool which allows you to use Webdirver, jquery, POM and Groovy

Geb is built on top of the WebDriver browser automation library.

WebDriver utilizes native browser drivers to perform its automation. This is an important distinction for purposes of web testing—using Geb and WebDriver gives you the assurance that your application is behaving correctly in the browsers you test it on. It also provides access to browser commands that are simply inaccessible without native driver support.

Below are the advantages of GEB:

  1. Power of WebDriver
  2. Elegance of jQuery content selection
  3. Robustness of Page Object modeling
  4. Expressiveness of the Groovy language
Geb provides first class support and integration with common testing frameworks and build tools, including JUnit, Spock, Grails, Maven and Gradle.

If you want to write Elegant and powerful test cases then use 3G'S

  • GEB
Spock  -- GEB Shines with Spock.