About Tester In You

Tester in you is the result of our quench to share technical knowledge to rest of the world as a token to help open source community. Tester in you was started as basic blogger blog and has evolved to a level where we gets million hits. The journey has been exciting and we are much more excited then ever before to serve more and more useful content. At Tester in You we are committed to 
provide solutions to Software Testing related problems. 

About us

We are the bunch of people based in Hyderabad working as Selenium Test Automation experts with Level 5 IT companies in India. 


Nagaraju Dasam

Nagaraju is an industry thought leader in software testing with over 8 years of experience. He has strong expertise in setting up Testing Centers of Excellence around Test management, Automation, Mobility, SOA and Functional testing. He leads team of more than 40 member size. He possesses unique experience around Quality Engineering and has done extensive business development in driving the offerings around Mobility, Digital Commerce, SOA, and Automation. He has been the key champion in setting up several niche skill practices for testing services. He is full time test automation expert and part time trainer for Selenium. 
Akash Jain

Akash is a software developer with Java being his favorite programming language. He has worked across several assignment in his current organization and delivered solutions to many QA related problems. Akash is a seasoned blogger and keen watcher of new IT trends.

We are professionals and are we busy at times. You may not frequently see the new content but we promise if you can contact us or want any immediate help we will not let you down. 
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  1. Testing REST based applications:

    Hi All,

    How to test an REST based applications using selenium web driver 2.0 ,

    Is there any differences in Automating (using selenium webdriver 2.0) REST based application and the normal web based applications

    Waiting for the reply